Ferry crossing: Sweden - Denmark

Just look at these awesome Swedish cows! They're all white! :)

After an hour's drive by bus, we finally arrived in Helsingborg, Sweden's closest point to
Denmark, where we took a nice ferry to Helsingor - the Danish city, known in English-speaking countries as Elsinore. 

Helsingborg, ferry service
Helsingborg, Sweden
Helsingborg, Sweden
Helsingborg, Sweden

I was honestly surprised by how well these ferries, operating such a short (15-20 minutes) crossing, are equipped with cafeterias, bars, large bathrooms etc.

Apparently, twenty minutes may be long enough to get lost even on this kind of ferry. This happened to three ladies - our tour participants. They didn't manage to get on our bus parked on the ferry on time and they had to reach our next destination on their own. Luckily, Hamlet's castle -  was only about 10 minute's walk from the terminal.

Helsingor, Kronborg, Denmark
Kronborg, Denmark
You can see a beautifully situated Kronborg Castle or as you prefer - Hamlets Castle from the ferry. We'll stop there too. See you there!

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