On the way to Scandinavia

Friday morning. The weather seemed perfect and I felt so lucky and free again. I was heading to Swinoujscie - the Polish harbor at the Baltic sea, located on Wolin and Usedom islands, to get on a ferry to

After a four-hour smooth drive, I finally arrived at Ferry Terminal in Swinoujscie.

Scania, the ferry I was going to take, looked fairly impressive.

Scania, Unity Line
I so looked forward to boarding this ship! 

The ferry appeared far more bigger in comparison to the previous ferries I traveled by. I guess I was particularly surprised with the escalator there. Lots of floors, bars, decks, even a disco floor - all that made an incredible impression. Actually, the only thing I was disappointed with were the duty-free shops. They were simply nothing to write home about and the prices were average too.

Port of Swinoujscie by night

Bye, Poland! Welcome, Sweden!

After a relatively short night in a cozy cabin and delicious breakfast buffet, I still had a few minutes to take pictures of the Swedish ferry port in Ystad.

Next, I checked out and  I got on a bus, which was going to take me to Denmark.

Car deck, Scania
On the way to Denmark, I tried to keep my eyes wide open, admire views of immaculate Swedish landscape, and listen to the tour guide and her interesting stories about Sweden. One of the memorable stories concerned  obligatory survival lessons on frozen lakes. Schoolchildren in Sweden are asked to "jump" into the frozen lake and then they are instructed how to get out of one! Afterwards, they are taken to the bus which immediately gets them to school where they are provided with warm clothes and hot drinks.  Amazing!?

To be continued ...


  1. Unforgettable journey. Do you remember three crazy Russian women lost on a ferry from Sweden to Denmark? :-)

  2. I thought you were only in Swinoujscie!:-D

  3. Nope! That was the surprise I was talking about! :D