The Polish coastal town of Swinoujscie

Swinoujscie is absolutely my number 1 among all Polish seaside towns. I realize I might be partial, but I guess it's always hard to be objective when it comes to our childhood memories. As a kid, I and my family spent there almost every summer. This place has always seemed special and different from other Polish coastal towns for many other reasons too.

First, it is the only town in Poland located on three islands. Therefore the only way you can get there is by ferry. There are two ferry crossings: the one destined for the locals and pedestrians is nearby the downtown and the railway station, and the other one for heavy vehicles and tourists is situated a few kilometers from the center. The service is free of charge. The ferries may not look particularly impressive and the waiting time in high season can be somewhat frustrating, but on the whole, the 15-minute trip is quite enjoyable and exciting. 

Ferry crossing Bielik for the inhabitants:

The ferry crossing in the downtown
 Ferry crossing Karsibor accessible to everybody:

Swinoujscie is famous for wild boars. I got lucky to take a picture of one near the ferry crossing on the way back. The bad thing is the boars are tamed by tourists feeding them despite numerous warning signs hung all over the town. Such an irresponsible behavior may simply put others in a danger. Once I witnessed a herd of boars invading a boardwalk full of tourists (bad luck - I didn't have a camera on me!).

Another thing I like about Swinoujscie is the nature and pretty, trim and vast, sprawling parks which are a great alternative to the beach as they can be a good shelter in the shadow during hot and sunny days. My father used to take me there after hours spent under the scorching sun. Today the parks are modernized and they present themselves even better. 

Aside from parks, there is a harbor where you can stroll along or go on a boat trip. 

The harbor is situated right next to the downtown. This year I was taken aback by how the place  had changed.  The heart of the town has been closed to all but pedestrian traffic. Overall, the street cafes, fountains and beach chairs make a very nice, welcoming picture.

What I particularly like about Swinoujscie is its architecture. I simply love promenading along magnificent and old villas in residential areas. Somehow their view makes me feel calm and safe. 

I just had to take a picture of these two buildings as they also belong to my childhood memories. The post office with its payphone and an incredibly long line of people, including my parents, waiting to call their relatives every evening, the "Pink restaurant" with delicious desserts and a juke-box, which sadly has been converted into a chain food-store, and the Church tower altered into a bar!!!

Today's Swinoujscie excellently combines a well- preserved old, good character of the town (the harbor, old villas, parks) and a whiff of modernity (new but stylish apartments, pricey restaurants, numerous cycling paths leading as far as to the German border).  

Another advantage of the town is its close distance to the German town Ahlbeck. If you're bored or you eager more attractions, you can visit Ahlbeck by taking a train, walking along the beach or cycling. There is a nice bike-pedestrian lane along the coast and there are plenty of bike rentals too.

And the cherry on top would be the boardwalk with unusually wide, sandy, and clean beaches. The boardwalk is the place most frequently visited by tourists in the evenings. Buskers, entertainers, concerts, souvenir stalls (mainly with amber jewelry), ice-cream shops and restaurants tempt adventuresome tourists. 

 The Baltic sea is known for amber which is often washed up.

And the beach...  I personally love it as it's wide enough to avoid a great crush. Additionally, if you're fed up with lying about on the beach for too long (and I'm definitely not a beach person), you can always take a stroll to this charming White Old Lighthouse Windmill at the entry to the port of  Swinoujscie.

Alternative path along the beach

This year I was also surprised with these brand-new, nice-looking showers on the beach! I saw similar to those on American beaches and I was jealous of them at that time. I've lived to see them in my homeland too. I love the idea of rinsing sand off my feet before putting back on my flip-flops! Call me weird, but I hate sand between my toes.

I hope to be back there soon as this is one of the spots in Poland I enjoy returning to.
To be continued.


  1. Great post Agata! Will You take me on your next trip? :-D