Swinoujscie - Ahlbeck

On my last day in Swinoujscie I decided to cycle to the German border town - Ahlbeck. I rented a bike and I took a very nice bike & pedestrian path along the Baltic coast. The route is shaded most of the time and therefore it's pleasant and friendly for hurtling bikers on sunny and hot days. 

The border doesn't resemble the original one anymore. In fact, it doesn't look as a border at all. I remember the place as a long military zone with a high fence, armed solders, and regular citizens gazing at each other on both sides of the border. 

As I was approaching Ahlbeck, I noticed some pretty mansions and villas of fairly similar style and resort architecture to those ones situated in Swinoujscie. 

Unfortunately I was short of time and I didn't get to see much in the town. I continued, however, the bicycle lane which took me further to other charming seaside resorts, namely Seebad Heringsdorf and Bansin. 

On the whole, the trip took me 2 hours and about 22 kilometers back and forth. Next time I'm definitely going to hang out there longer and visit less accessible to tourists spots. Are you coming with me too? ;) 

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