Arriving in Scotland

I'd had a long break from traveling by plane and generally, I lost my self-confidence as a globetrotter ;) I felt somewhat diffident and weird at the airport. I probably asked the airport staff too many silly and naive questions on the way to my gate, but I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't miss my low-cost airline ;) I was warned they wouldn't wait a minute for me!  I must confess  I was also a bit nervous and tense while taking off. My fingers were sweating and
 I started to think of the closest ones. I even said my prayers :) Is it only me or you tend to feel the same way now and again?

As it was a nice, sunny day, I tried to occupy myself taking pictures of some stunning views and signs in English for my language students (in order to use them as authentic materials in a class). The flight itself was bearable. In fact, it turned out to be very smooth.  Ten minutes before landing, however, the sky became grey and I saw the first raindrops cascading down the window. Welcome to Scotland - I thought to myself - the land of  rain!

                                                 Hurray! Scotland! Here we are!

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