Roslin Castle and the surroundings

After we'd left the chapel, we took a wander down to the nearby Roslin Castle. 

We passed a cementary - Commonwealth War Graves and a few meters further, we saw
these astonishing ruins.

The bridge to the castle and the ruined gatehouse

The bridge giving the access to Roslin Castle

The castle built on the cliffs of Roslin Glen in the 14th century has been damaged several times. Partially ruined, partially renovated, it has been leased as holiday accomodation by its owner - the Earl of Rosslyn (curiously enough, we didn't manage to see the habitable  part- we either missed it or we did not realize there was actually a rebuilt castle).

The castle was also featured in the movie The Da Vince Code.

In fact, the site seemed so shrouded in mistery that I had that feeling I would have to return to this place one day.

As for the mystery, read the first comment below the article about Roslin Castle, ghosts and legends. I simply adore such spooky stories.

Since there were also many intriguing paths around there, we took one of them that led us to the North Esk.

On our way back we came across this bench and we immediately had to take a picture of it. Unfortunately, the image below doesn't render the atmosphere of this enchanted place.
It's sooo Scotish, isn't it?  :-)

Strangely enough, I enjoyed this part of our trip far more than Rosslyn Chapel.
Later, we  took a bus (nr 15) back to Edinburgh and got off at Portobello beach.
I think you already know the topic of my next post? ;-)


  1. Is it Portabello beach? :-)

  2. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next;-)
    Great blog by the way! Love Reading it:-)

  3. Totally agree with that! :-)

  4. Thanks, guys :) I'll do my best to keep you interested ;)