Towards Rosslyn Chapel: the Quest for the Holy Grail

The village of Roslin is situated about seven miles (eleven kilometers) south of Edinburgh. It's convenient to get there by local buses operated by Lothian Buses (bus nr 15 from Princess Street) that run regularly. The adult day ticket is affordable as it costs only £3.50. We paid at the bus driver, which took us a while as we had to pull and collect all the small change from our pockets (the bus driver turned out to be an extremely patient man, which is fairly rare among, for instance, Polish bus drivers!), and we finally took the front seats of the double decker bus to get the best views.

After a forty-minute drive, we alighted at the Original Rosslyn Hotel. As we were passing a bar at the crossroads, my friends immediately walked into the place to order some cold drinks. We started chilling out and soaking up the rays.


Towards the Chapel

                            Meanwhile, I was trying to capture the charm of the place.


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