Tantallon Castle

I visited the castle 13 years ago and I must say it hasn't changed much since then ;-) This time, however, I had a whole lot more time at my disposal to relish this gorgeous place. 

When I was approaching the castle I could hear subtle, remote sounds of bagpipes, which always affect me. Just listen to the melody. Isn't it beautiful? Some people claim it's rather more aggravating than sensuous though  ;)

I love visiting old houses or castles as I can get the sense of how people used to live there or at least I try to use my vivid imagination. Tantallon Castle makes it easier as there are signs of the extant rooms. My friends decided to have a picnic in one of these rooms, and more precisely, in this kitchen with two fireplaces ;)

I also climbed up some of the towers to get a good look at vast ruins, the thickness of the walls, the Bass Rock and a beautifully wild and mysterious coastline. The scenery was simply breathtaking!

We left the castle and we couldn't find a bus stop, so we decided on countryside walk along the coast. Honestly, I had been hoping to take such a lovely stroll through the Scottish countryside for a long while. It was a fantastic reminder of my summer vacation on a Scottish farm in 2000. All my memories came back to me immediately. I guess we all become more and more sentimental with age, don't we?

It's so easy to fall in love with Scotland! To me, this is the landscape to die for.


  1. Beauuuutiful

  2. When I was in Scotland we went to Linlithgow Castle, which was also amazing. Yep, you can fall in love with Scotland.
    Asia P.

  3. Oh, Linlithgow Castle was also in my list, but we didn't make it! Hopefully next time! :)