Upon arrival

So, here I am! Edinburgh - the capital of Scotland!
Guess what? The first picture I took upon arrival was this cute royal mailbox with an advert next to it (again, in order to teach some language to my students - fun and fun work - all in one ;)  ).

It wouldn't stop raining, but that was fine. I was in my little Scotland and more importantly, the English language was all around me (I haven't mentioned that to you, but I am extremely keen on exploring foreign languages)! What more could I ask for? Oh, yes! My girlfriends whom I was supposed to meet in the downtown. I hadn't seen them in a long while. We all met at university and one summer we simply decided to spend our vacation working on a Scottish farm. Each of us lives in a different country now, so meeting here, in Scotland sounds sort of sentimental, incredible, and exciting at the same time. 

We finally met late in the afternoon. I guess I don't have to mention to you how thrilling it was to see my long lost friends. Late in the evening, we checked in at this pretty unusual looking hostel (which was a converted gothic church!) and we started both socializing and trip planning.

                               Next stop - Rosslyn Chapel featured in the Da Vinci Code! :-)

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